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Garam Garlic:
An explosion of taste with a rich combination of freshly ground garlic and authentic Indian garam masala.

A (medium) spicy chutney exudes a warmth, and richness that will enhance the flavour of any dish – just stir in a spoonful as it’s cooking. Try adding a spoonful to pasta, creamy vegetables, or a curry for an extra kick to your dish – or create something completely new to transport you to the street food markets of India. (Ingredients)


Introducing Nana's take on the classic mango chutney... Take a sweet trip to India and experience the freshest Indian Mangos in our all-time favourite Chutney.

Homemade with the freshest of ingredients, full of mango and entirely vegan and gluten-free – this is a year-round favourite!

Pair this sweet chutney with any savoury snack to experience a world of pure flavour joy. From hot fried poppadoms to grilled cheese toasties, Nana's Mango Chutney has got you covered. (Ingredients)

Sweet Date:
After trying our most popular flavour, you'll certainly be left wishing for a second Sweet Date...!

This lesser known chutney is packed with a fusion of premium Medjool dates, and ground Indian spices – reminiscent of the flavours of the East. Our chutney contains premium Medjool Dates, which is ideal paired with cheeses, or even used as a marinade. (Ingredients)

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