Our Story

Mumbai felt like no other place.

Bustling with the cries of the people and the motors of the cars.

At 9 years old fresh from the quiet backwater of Jamnagar, I would venture out into the street. The delicacies of Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji ignited a passion in me. Hours upon hours I would watch stallholders making delicious dishes for hours on end and I dared to dream that I would sell as those same stallholders one day.

The dream was delayed as I swiftly married my husband from East Africa and found myself in the suburbia that was West London. Mumbai dreams disappeared for 35 years as I was blessed with a career and two kids.

Then the dream returned after being made redundant. After a few months of boring redundancy frustration at home, my son suggested I do something food-related.

Nana’s Chutneys was born. From the inner-city London markets, we started selling weekly before supplying a few restaurants. Building up loyal customers and helping them with online cookery classes during lockdown. Post lockdown we expanded into a range of London farmers' markets. 

I realised I was not no old and indeed it was worth it. My dream followed me and was embellished by my life experience. You can do anything at any age.

I found that life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone. 

Thank you for reading my story

See you at the Nana’s Chutneys stall.